August 20, 2014
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TD surprises over 30,000 customers across the country with #TDThanksYou gifts

Thousands of unsuspecting customers were simultaneously greeted with a surprise while banking with TD today. At exactly 2 p.m. EST, over 20,000 TD employees across Canada distributed green envelopes containing a $20 bill to every customer in over 1,100 TD branches and revealed to those using TD phone and online banking service that they would receive a deposit directly into their accounts. B-roll captures the surprise thank-you moment in one TD branch, and includes customer reactions and a comment from the branch manager.


There will be an event to launch the CIBC Tim Hortons Double Double Visa Card in Yonge-Dundas Square on Wednesday, July 2nd 2014. Former professional hockey player and special guest Tie Domi will attend the event in support of the CIBC Tim Hortons Double Double Visa Card. The CIBC Tim Hortons Double Double Visa Card leverages a first-of-its-kind technology with lighted buttons to select between a no annual fee CIBC Visa credit card and a rewards Tim Card, all in one convenient card.


Une conférence de presse aura lieu ainsi qu’un événement pour les invités dans le cadre du lancement de la carte Visa Tandem CIBC Tim Hortons au Yonge-Dundas Square le mercredi 2 juillet 2014. Notre invité spécial, Tie Domi, ancien joueur de hockey professionnel, sera de la fête à l’occasion du lancement de la carte Visa Tandem CIBC Tim Hortons. La carte Visa Tandem CIBC Tim Hortons tire parti d’une technologie unique en son genre permettant d’utiliser, à l’aide de deux boutons, sa carte Visa CIBC sans frais annuels et sa Carte Tim avec une seule et même carte.

Lifesaving Society introduces new tool to help parents and caregivers save lives this summer

The Lifesaving Society has developed the ON GUARD card, a plastic card worn on a lanyard around the neck, which provides very specific tips to help parents and caregivers supervise around water as effectively as possible. Those who wear the card must commit 100% of their attention to their role as supervisor and find another adult to relieve them if they need to turn their attention away for any reason. The card is meant to remove any doubt about who is responsible for minding the children, with a goal of reducing accidents or death by drowning. B-roll includes footage of Barbara Byers, Public Education Director for the Lifesaving Society discussing water safety and children and parents using the card at a backyard pool.

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